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ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel

What is ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel?

Our quest for quality is what led us to the ultra-powerful Green Lipped Mussel, our star ingredient in YuMOVE. 

Named after its emerald color, we realized Green Lipped Mussel was the key to soothing stiff hips and joints. Why? Green Lipped Mussel contains ultra-high levels of joint-soothing ingredients – most importantly, Omega-3s. They quickly start working to support the natural inflammatory response. Not only that, but they also begin to multiply the Omega-3 fatty acids naturally found within the joints.

Not all Green Lipped Mussel is created equal

Supplements containing Green Lipped Mussel are becoming increasingly popular, but not all Green Lipped Mussel is of the same quality. Paying particular attention to the quality of the GLM used is critical.

We searched all over the world to identify the finest quality Green Lipped Mussel, and how to get it into your dog’s YuMOVE supplement. The result? A Green Lipped Mussel that’s higher in Omega-3 fatty acids than our competitors’ varieties.

Because of that, our Green Lipped Mussel has been given a name you won’t find elsewhere:

ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel.

Sustainably Sourced

At YuMOVE, we’re dedicated to sustainability and doing our bit to supporting a better aquaculture environment. That’s why we collaborate closely with local farmers and only source our mussels from select bays in New Zealand.

What’s more, we only source our mussels sustainably from certain bays at certain times – when we know the water quality and environment makes for better quality mussels.

Where does ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel come from?

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How is ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel different?

The top 2%

Over a decade of research has gone into the development of our Green Lipped Mussel. In fact, when it comes to quality, we only use the world’s top 2%. Plus, we only source our mussels in certain bays at certain times – when we know the environment makes for better quality mussels.

Precision process

We also perfected a revolutionary vacuum extraction method, which takes our Green Lipped Mussel from a liquid to a powder in just 30 seconds, with no use of heat. ActivEase® GLM is an extract of the whole mussel. Why? To protect the bioactivity and bioavailability so our products can actually help your dog.

Scientifically proven*

There’s science (and love) behind everything we do here at YuMOVE. And it’s why we work with organizations like the Royal Veterinary College, UK. To prove the efficacy of our products. It’s our unique extraction process, rigorous testing, and the fact we sample every batch up to eight times a day to ensure sufficient levels of over 40 different fatty acids, that sets us apart.

*Study conducted by the Royal Veterinary College of London, United Kingdom. Data on file

Loved by dogs & owners

We’re helping over 2 million pets each year live their most active life. That’s why so many celebrities and fan favorites in the canine agility world are passionate and supportive of what we do. Find out more directly from our YuMOVE ambassadors.

Traceability & Testing

How does ActivEase® help your dog?

• Supports the natural inflammatory response

• High-strength hip and joint support

• Eases stiffness

• Higher levels of soothing Omega-3s than alternative joint supplements that do not contain GLM or contain GLM extracts and/or powders

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Proven in the park and the veterinary practice

“As canine athletes, my dogs live a more active life.  I have been using YuMOVE for 8 years and it helps my younger and older dogs recover faster after exercise to keep them in top form when competing and living their most active life.”

Anthony Clarke, International Agility Champion and YuMOVE Global Ambassador

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