We're YuMOVE and we're on a mission

Who are we?

We're YuMOVE, and we're on a mission to help every dog live their most active life, for life.

How it all began...

It all began with a dedicated nutritional scientist, Dr. John Howie, and passionate dog lover, John Davies, and their mission of giving pets healthier, happier lives with natural joint supplements for dogs. Of course, it couldn’t have been done without the love and influence of one dog – John Davies’ Chocolate Labrador, Charlie.

Charlie the Chocolate Labrador needed help

Charlie was slowing down, and was no longer able to get on and off his favorite couch, following an operation for a slipped disc. As he started limping and struggling to jump up, John knew he had to do something to help his beloved Charlie. He tried everything on the market, but Charlie wasn’t getting any better. YuMOVE have now helped millions of dogs like Charlie with our hip and joint supplements for senior dogs.

With inspiration from canine athletes

At the same time, John and John were regulars on the champ show circuit with their first product, for skin and coat, and they had learnt a lot about competing dogs’ needs.

They then became regulars in the dog agility circuit and saw that canine athletes were incredibly energetic in both training and competitions, needing a higher level of joint and mobility support. Because of this information, they realized that Charlie was also having trouble with the exact movements that agility dogs were doing all the time.

The ActivEase® difference

In their mission to help Charlie, the two Johns set out to source the highest quality, nutrient-rich, natural ingredients. They eventually found what they were looking for in the crystal-clear waters of New Zealand – Green Lipped Mussel for dogs. This shellfish is renowned for its naturally high concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids, which helps support joint health.

Proprietary processing

They set out creating a revolutionary vacuum method, which results in a much fresher, much higher concentration of joint-soothing Omega-3s. Because of that, our Green Lipped Mussel has been given a name you won’t find elsewhere – ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel. ActivEase® is our promise to you. A promise that we can offer you a superior GLM ingredient than other hip & joint brands.

A brand-new formulation

With the help of Charlie, John and John went about researching, testing and improving a brand-new formulation that would become the the #1 veterinarian-approved hip & joint supplement in the UK for pets experiencing joint stiffness and mobility issues. One that keeps sporting dogs in peak condition, using ingredients that give extra support where it’s needed.

Combining the top 2% of Omega-3-rich ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel, plant-based Glucosamine, naturally sourced Chondroitin, unique, fast-acting Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamins C and E, this unique formula supports every aspect of dogs’ joint health and mobility.

The result? YuMOVE Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs

We’re proud to say our product makes a real difference. It helped Charlie get back to jumping on his favorite couch and has helped 2 million dogs live their most active life.

A product that makes a real difference

There’s science, love, and passion behind everything we do here at YuMOVE. And it’s why we work with organizations like the Royal Veterinary College in the UK to prove the efficacy of our products. We know that by doing all this, we can get visible results in just six weeks.*

*Study conducted by the Royal Veterinary College of London, United Kingdom. Data on file.

Already helping over 2 million dogs

YuMOVE is now helping over 2 million dogs globally and that’s how we know we’re only just getting started on our mission.

Proven in the park and on the agility course

“As canine athletes, my dogs live a more active life.  I have been using YuMOVE for 8 years and it helps my younger and older dogs recover faster after exercise to keep them in top form when competing and living their most active life.”

Anthony Clarke, International Agility Champion and YuMOVE Global Ambassador

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