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Can your supplements be used with prescription only medicines?

All our supplements are natural, therefore can be used in conjunction with most prescription-only medicines. Please check with your vet or contact our customer service team on 844 570 3222, or email

Is there anything I should look out for when I first add YuMOVE to my dog's diet?

Like any dietary change adding YuMOVE can occasionally cause a very mild digestive upset. If necessary, stop the YuMOVE, let the digestive system settle down and reintroduce again, starting at a very low amount and gradually building up to the label amount. This will allow the digestive system time to adjust to the new dietary elements.

Are there any discounts available?

We currently offer 10% off all subscriptions. If you would like more information on offers outside of our subscription you can contact our customer service team on 844 570 3222, or email

How quick is your delivery?

We ship all orders on a next working day basis.  Providing an item is in stock, we endeavor to ship all orders received by midday on the same day. We ship orders Monday to Friday and do not ship at weekends.



What is YuMOVE Hip & Joint supplement?

YuMOVE is a triple action joint supplement developed to provide a more comprehensive solution to joint health. It helps to soothe joint stiffness, support long-term joint health and promote mobility.

What ingredients does YuMOVE contain?

YuMOVE is packed with the finest quality ingredients, sourced sustainably, and all selected for their unique properties to help your dog. The ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel provides a concentrated source of Omega 3, which helps to soothe stiff joints and maintain healthy cartilage. YuMOVE Dog also contains glucosamine to support cartilage, manganese to support collagen formation, hyaluronic acid to lubricate and cushion joints, and vitamins C & E which neutralise free radicals in the body.

How old does my dog need to be before going onto YuMOVE?

YuMOVE is safe to give dogs when they’re on solids  to support their joint health.

What age can YuMOVE be used from?

All YuMOVE products can be used from 8 weeks onwards.

Is my dog going to like how YuMOVE tastes?

Yes, all YuMOVE supplements are designed to be palatable. They are available once daily soft chews.

Why do I need to double the daily amount for the first 4-6 weeks?

We recommend giving two chews per day for the first 4-6 weeks as this helps to fast-track the benefits.

Does YuMOVE need to be given with food?

No, YuMOVE can be given on their own (like a treat) or added to their food. We recommend giving with their food daily as it’s easier to remember but it’s what works best for you and your dog.

How long will a dog need to take YuMOVE before seeing the full effect?

Most supplements show results in as little as 4 weeks, but please allow 60 days to see the full benefits. If you don’t see a difference after 60 days, please contact us as we offer a full money back guarantee.

What format does YuMOVE come in?

YuMOVE Hip & Joint Supplement comes in a soft chew format chews. The YuMOVE supplement range for cats is available in a tasty, sprinkle capsule.