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The joint supplement loved by pets, endorsed by Vets

The UK's #1 Vet approved dog joint supplement

Since 2007 we have been working with Veterinarians around the world to develop, trial, and continually improve our dog joint & hip supplements. Our Vet Experts, and thousands more, now recommend YuMOVE to support their canine patients' mobility throughout their lives.

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YuMOVE Veterinarians

Dr. James Howie BVetMed MRCVS

"There’s nothing better than seeing you pet healthy and happy, and that’s what YuMOVE can help make happen. As YuMOVE Veterinary Director, I'm proud of the impact we have made in pets lives... helping over 2 million dogs each year live their most active life, for life."


"YuMOVE was developed to ensure that the ingredients have a beneficial effect to your pets overall health. Ingredient activity is often destroyed in a products' manufacturing processes because it's cheaper or easier. Because YuMOVE is so particular about their ingredient sourcing and manufacturing, they produce the most premium supplements."

Dr. Jayne Laycock BVetMed MRC

"As a Veterinarian, the most important thing to me is that a product provides tangible benefits to your dog without any risky side effects. The science behind YuMOVE is proven and sound. It’s scientifically proven to show visible results, and it’s gentle on your dog's system. It's a win-win!"

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Scientifically proven to show visible results within 6 weeks*, made with proven ingredients.

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Veterinarian Technicians support YuMOVE

Vet Techs make the dog world go round

Your Vet Tech is your dog's other best friend! With their best interests at heart, they are a great source of trustworthy advice.

Why do Vet Techs recommend YuMOVE?

1. YuMOVE supports long-term joint health and mobility

2. YuMOVE supports the body's own natural inflammatory response

3. YuMOVE has no nasty side effects and dogs love the taste

4. YuMOVE is an affordable joint and mobility management tool

Karen Kupec, Vet Tech

"This supplement has been nothing but a cost-effective Godsend. Not only to myself, but for my now senior pup who was stiff and was carried around. He now has more life to him, he might not be able to last hours on end running like the wind, but he does gallop around at his own pace, enjoys rolling in the grass (always his most favorite thing to do!), and runs with my three other younger pups. I highly recommend YuMOVE for your dogs joints!"

How is YuMOVE different?

1. Proven science behind everything we do

2. Going beyond the extra mile

3. Methods are a cut above the rest

Get your $10 Trial Today

Proven in the dog park and the Veterinary Practice

“It's one thing to know that the ingredients, the research, and the testing all add up to a scientifically impressive product. It's another thing entirely to actually see a product work to support dogs’ mobility - and the joy it brings to their owners. YuMOVE does just that.

If there's one thing we can't get enough of in the veterinary world, it's healthy dogs and happy owners.”

-Dr. Jayne Laycock, BVetMed MRC

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