Dog Athlete Joint Supplement Reviews

YuMOVE is scientifically proven and it's backed by veterinarians, so it's certainly one you can trust. But the most important proof you need is in the dogs YuMOVE helps and the people who get to see the difference.

The best joint supplement for dog athletes

Our high-strength, triple-action joint supplements for active dogs are specifically formulated to give canine athletes the support they need to get the job done.

Jenni & Tilli's #YuMOVEment Story

"I was first told about YuMOVE by one of my flyball team buddies, as Tilli my border collie was experiencing a lot of stiffness in her back legs after competing. ​

The results have been amazing! She has been on two a day for nearly a year now and, after only 2 weeks, all the stiffness has gone and has never returned. ​At the last visit to her vet, he stated that she really is looking great. At one point pre-YuMOVE I really thought she was going to have to stop flyball, which she absolutely loves. YuMOVE is fantastic, I would recommend it to everyone. Brilliant stuff!​"


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Tom & Dollar's #YuMOVEment Story

"This is Dollar and he has been on YuMOVE for a few years now and I love it! He is 9 years old and still leaves the Collies standing when competing in agility! Fantastic product!!​"


I came to work for YuMOVE because I'm a bit of a detective. I'm interested in the science behind the products and have a real passion for creating supplements that make a measurable difference to dogs. And when you look into the science behind YuMOVE, it's really something special. But what's even more special is that you can really see the difference in the dogs who are given YuMOVE. Not just through a telescope, with your own eyes.

- Dr. Ann Haigh, MVB MSC MRCVS, YuMOVE Research & Development Lead

Sheren & Kalli's #YuMOVEment Story

"This is Kalli. She had an injury that made her not want to jump. Now on YuMOVE she is back to jumping this 9 ft long jump and scaling a 6ft wall for working trials."


Tina & Will's #YuMOVEment Story

"This is my dog, Will. He's a 7 year old agility dog. He had an injury a couple of years ago. I started giving him YuMOVE due to the fact it's a joint supplement that includes Green Lipped Mussels. I'm a veterinary physiotherapist, so I rehabbed him myself and I am pleased to say that after several months on he was able to train and compete again. ​I'm sure that YuMOVE supported his recovery and I am also happy to recommend it to Clients when they ask me about joint supplements as I've had first-hand experience with the product.​"


YuMOVE provides proven dog agility support

“The collaboration between YuMOVE and the AKC complement each other so well, with the continued dedication and support of the dog world. That’s why I give all my agility dogs YuMOVE and fully support this

- Anthony Clarke, YuMOVE Global Ambassador

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