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Is jumping bad for dog's joints?

The effects of jumping on your dog

Health Guide

How to keep your pup calm this Halloween - no tricks, just treats!

Trick or treat?

We all want to keep...

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Supporting Your Dog After Lockdown: Separation Anxiety

Support for separation anxiety

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Dog Ball Throwers - What Are The Dangers?

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Is Your Dog Struggling With Discomfort?

Dr Chadd advises on your dog's mobility

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Why Do Dogs Bark?

Understand why your dog barks

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The Most Interesting Facts About Dogs

Find out facts you didn't know about dogs!

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YuMOVE To The Rescue

Helping rescue shelter dogs get moving

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Get Moving with YuMOVE

YuMOVE is helping shelter dogs across America...

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8 top tips for new dog owners

As the excitement builds around bringing home your...

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