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It’s the month of love! Other than food and shelter,  another way to show your love for furever doggo is to make sure they are clean and ready for their date with destiny this Valentine’s day! The ultimate way to get clean is to take a bath! We have some great tips for you on how to bathe your dog.

Dog bath

Proper hygiene is very important for dogs, especially because they love to roll in grass, mud and all sorts of smelly things. Regardless of what they think about cleanliness, it is vital to have their nails clipped to proper length, their hair trimmed and get their baths! Nobody wants an icky date this season of love!

Let’s make sure they are smelling fresh and clean this Valentine’s season.. Let’s not turn off guests with dog stink that is actually so easy to remedy.

First of all, why do dogs need a bath?

Imagine eating Valentine’s dinner for two (or three if your boyfriend/girlfriend decides to third-wheel lol) and you smell that lingering dog stink in the air. Bye bye appetite.

Other than for your sanity and your guests’, it is also for your dog’s health. Always keep an eye out for their general cleanliness especially after they’ve just been outside walking and playing.

What shampoo should i use?

One of the questions we get a lot is if it’s okay to use human shampoo on dogs. We only ever recommend using dog shampoo, and for a good reason.

Dog fur and skin have higher PH than that of human hair and skin. Therefore, using human shampoo on dogs could result in dryness, irritation and flakiness which leads to excessive scratching and wounds.

A gentle dog shampoo is best to use and there’s a whole lot of options for all sorts of dog hair type —long, short, wiry etc. Imagine spending V-day watching a movie while cuddled up with your furbaby and running your fingers through that nicely shampooed fur. So worth it!

Where should I bathe my dog?

It depends on the size. For small dogs, washing them in the sink or a small oblong bucket would suffice. However, bigger dogs need to get in the shower or bath. You might need an extra hand because it’s slippery and carrying a dog in and out of the bath by yourself can be tricky. Romantically carrying your four-legged Valentine might sound like a great idea but proceed with caution!

Here are things to remember BEFORE bath time starts:

-Shampoo, brush, towel and other products should be within your grasp.

-Use lukewarm water. Your dog will freak out if the water is too hot or too cold.

-Wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting wet in.

Things to remember DURING bath time:

-Start with the body! When your dog’s head gets wet, they shake to get rid of the water and it can be quite annoying.

-Keep shampoo way from mouth, nose and eyes. You don’t want to irritate your dog’s sensitive areas! Normally a damp cloth or cotton pad should be used around the eyes.

-Rinse your dog thoroughly because leftover shampoo could cause skin irritation. Use a shower attachment or a jug to scoop adequate amounts of water to rinse.

Things to remember AFTER bath time:

-Dry your dog well with an absorbent towel to avoid fungal growth.

-Wipe in the direction of the hair growth.

-Don’t miss the nook and crannies in the legs, tail and behind the ears.

-Have someone distract your dog to stand still with a toy or treat.

-For long-haired and double-coated dogs, ask advice from a dog care professional on how to dry them as efficiently as possible.

How often should I bathe my dog?

It varies based on breed and their activity. An active dog who spend most of his time outdoors rolling in all-things stinky probably need more baths than an indoor dog who prefers not to do much.

An indoor dog won’t need a more than a few baths per year. In contrast, a dog who turns up with mud and vegetation all over is best bathed right away.

Another way to determine how often to bathe your dog is to do a simple ‘’smell test.’’ If you can smell your dog long before he turns up, he probably stinks. Whip up a nice bubble bath and show him some Valentine’s day lovin! Watch out for post-bath zoomies though.

We hope these tips help your dog stay clean and fresh regularly. To recap, here are things to remember when bathing a dog:

-Every dog is different. Wash your dog only when they need it.

-Use dog shampoo. Human shampoos are a no-no and might cause dryness and irritation.

-Prepare all equipment before you start so you don’t have to leave your fur buddy mid-bath.

-Dry them properly and correctly.

-Last not but not the least, do not forget the treats as reward for being a good boy during bath time.

Bath time can be a really fun activity for you and your dog. When done correctly, it can strengthen the bond between owner and pupper! It’s also a great way to start a romantic Valentine’s day with your furbaby!

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